VS Bi-Fold doors

With our Bi-Fold Doors, we turn every season into a wonderful time, allowing the maximum opening thanks to the folding system during hot seasons and granting warmer rooms in cold seasons. A clean contemporary design that maximize glass and light, up to an opening of 10 meters.

> Thermally insulated system.
> Panels can be opened one side or two sides.
> From 3 to 10 panels.
> Opening inwards or outwards.
> Main panel positioned centrally or to one side.
> Flush threshold for persons with reduced mobility.
> Three-point locking, with keys.
> Panel max. size: L 1200 mm x H 3000 mm.
> Weight of one panel up to 150 kg.
> Glass thickness from 6 mm to 60 mm.


Viewscapes profiles can be varnished in a thousand colors: from any RAL color to particular rough finishes and special wooden effect paint. Touch the surface and enjoy a unique, multi-sensory experience. Our paintings are long lasting and resist to sun rays, sudden changes in temperature, scratches and external aggressive agents. Finishes can inspire an incredibly modern aesthetic taste: from matte, textured, to natural and anodized. Option to decide different colors outside and inside.
For particular projects we provide seaside treatment, tested to help painting to resist to particular weather conditions.
In order to provide more durable and high quality finishes, we offer the following selection of colors as standard.